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Project period August 2008 - January 2009
Office area redesigned Around 3,000m2
No. of workers in the office Around 320
Consulting Programming, space design,layout design and renewal project management

Office creation for improvement of environment and the way of working by reducing waste

The company rented offices on two floors. By returning one floor (1/5 of the total area) and consolidating to one floor, they succeeded in reducing fixed expenses and improved communication among employees.

Creation of comfortable office with limited space

Employees set the numeric target for the amount of documents to be reduced; they supported management of the execution of the schedule and succeeded in reducing warehouse space by around 50%.  They also succeeded in downsizing PCs and reducing the width of desk for each employee by promoting paperless execution of jobs (1400 mm to 1200 mm). By removing separated space for Section Chiefs and adopting a universal layout, they reduced wasted space for execution of business.

By adopting a universal layout, costs for changing layouts due to reorganization are expected to be reduced by around 80%. They reduced wasted space while increasing space for rooms and space for meetings. As exclusive space for new style communications, they established conference rooms mainly for meetings and satellite rooms for relaxing. By conducting interior reforms and switching furniture and fixtures in a short period during the year-end and New Year holidays, they also succeeded in mitigating burdens imposed on employees and reduced construction costs.

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