Case Studies

Housing Information Systems Co., Ltd.

Project period December 2007 - March 2008
Office area redesigned 450m2
No. of workers in the office About 50
Consulting Planning, Project management

System Development Division challenged for "Free Address"!

Housing Information Systems provides various services in multiple fields ― software development, operation maintenance and Internet and system development services.
Because Housing Information Systems felt the need to change its work style, this project (partial relocation) saw the implementation of a "free address" style. Traditionally, a "free address" office method has been used in marketing division offices, where employees are not always at their workstations. But "free address" was created for the new office because there are many intensive operations in the client company and in that kind of environment, "...creativity is drawn from stimulation by informal communication and information exchange."

Development and management! Versatile workspace

For developers who work with desktop PCs, a window-side workspace has been provided. A LAN outlet is connected to each desk (development segments) and machines can be relocated easily by just unplugging them. For managers, tables of various designs are located in the center of the office for efficient, effective and flexible communication with the development division as well as other managers. The column in the center of the office can be used as a multi-purpose table; other sections such as a "concentration" corner or "refresh" corner has been created, where varied workspaces stimulate creativity among staff who work there.