Case Studies

NEC Networks & Systems Integration Corporation

Project period September 2007 - January 2008
Office area redesigned 2,200m2
No. of workers in the office 380
Consulting PM operations for the renewal project, Office operation consultation

Linking office innovation to business - "Live" office implementation

NEC Networks & Systems Integration Corporation has deployed the "Empowered Office" which is a business solution using ICT. The company "renewed" its business division as "Live Office" where the solutions are proofed and verified.
This project, called "SPI (Sales Power Innovation) Office", has a goal of innovating its business processes, visualizing its business activities by promoting efficient use of IT and streamlining its operations. It is a "knowledge-creating" office.

Solving problems by innovating the work style
Implementing a group address (area specified free-address)

Problems have been numerous: difficult communication, slow information collection, etc. As a solution, the group address method (free address for areas) has been implemented.
In addition to conventional desks, the office space has many areas for employees to communicate, brainstorm or focus. In this kind of unique office environment, the goal is for each marketing employee to independently implement and develop a relationship with others. A new set of operation rules and office utilization criteria have also been set so that the staff can work smoothly in an environment that is "paperless" or an ICT tool is used.