Case Studies

NTT DATA CORPORATION, Payment Solutions Sector

Project period January 2006 - Jun 2006
Office area redesigned About 4,400m2
No. of workers in the office About 600
Consulting office renewal project control

Supporting Success of Advanced System Development Projects by Securing 'Visibility of an Office'

Today, there has been ever heightened requirements on the quality of information systems. In order to make a success in an IT development project, it is imperative for a system developer to establish a promotion organization involving their customers. In order to respond to the requirement, NTT DATA established a 'Visualization of Development Processes' in 2006. The Guideline aims at revising the conventional invisible and too complicated system development practice for customers as well as at promoting IT system development in corporation with them.

In renewaling MITA site office of NTT DATA, we set up a concept of developing an office space that 'workers, things and environments are visibly arranged.' Actual works were done under the premises of 'constructing a safe and comfortable office,' taking into consideration the above Guideline, in order to support the success of their projects by providing a good office space to them. More precisely, an open and integrated working space was formed without using any partitions. Walls are used as a bulletin board so that the progress of a project can be visibly understood by all members involved . The office space allows sharing of the progress and problems of a project among members in a quite natural manner because the office doesn't have any barriers that hinder this.

Office Development using PDCA Cycle for Effective and Continuous Improvement of Renewal Activities

As NTT Data doesn't have a dedicated department to control renewal of such a vast office space for 600 workers, we worked together with them on the entire office renewal project which included planning, construction, maintenance and management based on our proposal. This alleviated the burden on the customer dramatically. NTT DATA appointed a controller from their employees and we worked with him on redesigning all of their 8-floor space.

In order to identify the major challenges and direction to redesign their office space, we started the project with "Office Check Up (*1)" and interviews from the employees.

IThe basic plan was formed based on the result (Plan), and this plan was used to create a "Pilot Office (*2)" on one of the 8 floors (Do). After the move-in, the survey was conducted and analyzed, and then the "Office Standard" was formed as a result (Check). "Office Standard" helps IT system, office furniture and layouts to be universal and was used to standardize the quality of the office space throughout the entire 8 floors (Action).

Going forward, we plan to maintain the "Office Standard" and furniture/fixture regularly(Plan).By doing so, we can maintain the quality of the office space and also assist the success of highly advanced system development projects by providing them with high quality office.

(*1) Office Check Up : FMS surveyors conduct a detached observation of your office and compare that to internal staff self-evaluations. The purpose is to extract topics.
(*2) Pilot Office : In order to verify a hypothesis, an experimental section of the office is built in advance and monitored.