Case Studies

SAS Institute Japan Ltd.

Project period March 2009 - July 2009
Office area redesigned 3,380m2
No. of workers in the office 250
Consulting Relocation project management and office design supervision

Moving to Roppongi from Kachidoki

SAS Institute Japan is a software company that uses its software, service, training and support to help companies solve complex and difficult problems by utilizing business solutions that have been developed based on in-depth hands-on experience. The client asked us to help with its office relocation. The project involved several tasks:

  • Office improvement: In Kachidoki, the company occupied several floors. The new office was designed to improve efficiency
  •  Increasing customer space
  •  Branding

The office was moved to Roppongi Hills - The project's goal was to design an environment that would match the sophisticated Roppongi area and also maximize the spaciousness of the new setting. Even though there was a limited time to complete the project, the new office came together quickly thanks to the great joint effort of all project team members.

Developing "Branding" interior design and implementation of ideal work environment

The entrance and visitor area feature shades of blue - the corporate color - enhancing the feeling of tranquility and openness. Data was repeatedly analyzed to ensure that paths for visitors met their purposes and visitors would not collide with each other. The office area was designed for expandability and communication. Again, with panels in the blue corporate color theme, a semi-open staff lounge was placed in the middle of the open office area to function as the communication core.