Case Studies

Haemonetics Japan, K.K. headquarters

Project period August 2006 - January 2007
Office area redesigned about 500m2
No. of workers in the office about 60
Consulting Office implementation, Spatial design, Layout design

Survey/Analysis, Concept definition

Haemonetics wanted to improve the efficiency of its facilities throughout Japan by implementing infrastructure and reevaluating space. As a part of its efforts, the company established a project to reevaluate its headquarters and remodel its offices by focusing on eliminating waste space and improving the work environment.
For this project, we first asked upper management about their office remodeling goals and then talked to representatives from management and the IT divisions and from this information we determined their needs and requirements (Figure 1). We also talked (questionnaires, interviews) to the office workers to learn about current problems (Figure 2). Finally, after evaluating the "keywords", we formulated the office concept and ideas (Figure 3).

Figure 1: Interview results

Figure 2: Questionnaire results

Figure 3: Office concept and Ideas

Floor layout and layout

Based on concepts such as "Promoting collaboration by meeting/free seating", "Adaptive meeting space by using movable partitions", "Glass partitions", and "Consolidated area for multifunction machines and shared stationery", FMsolution helped its customers through various surveys to reach a layout definition.

Figure 4. Floor layout