Case Studies

IHI Corporation (Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries) Toyosu IHI Building

Project period July 2004- - March 2006
Office area redesigned About 46,000m2
No. of workers in the office About 4200
Consulting Office implementation Spatial, Layout design Relocation project management

Relocation is "God-given opportunity"

After establishing its headquarters in the "Toyosu IHI Building", Ishikawajima-Harima, from the middle of February 2006 through the middle of March, relocated from Otemachi to a new headquarters building in Toyosu. The company also relocated a total of 4200 employees from the Toyosu Engineering Center and related companies to the new headquarters. This massive relocation project was not just a simple move but reset the company's management policy: "redesign the operation's form and structure and define the new headquarters as a focal point that will evoke the awareness of operation renovation within the whole group" ― to implement an IT infrastructure, promote operation innovation, improve the productivity of each employee, enhance the company's total solution power and implement an office that is "combat ready."

Portraying the company's management policy in the new office

We have set a goal to improve the flow between people and information ― to differentiate each employee's ability to allocate the additional time created by saving time and energy for more strategic thinking. To achieve this goal we have extracted 3 office concepts - (1) Communication, (2) Faster decision making and (3) Independency and self-responsibility. To translate these concepts into an office environment, we have utilized various "stages" ― "a stage for complete front-loading", "a stage to enhance project organization", etc. ― in the office that also has a function to improve the operation by itself, where people can work anytime and anywhere. And this we call the "Ubiquitous Office."

FM-solution became involved from the conceptualization of the Toyosu IHI Headquarter Building to the actual relocation project management.