Case Studies

Sony Corporation

Project period December 2006 - Jun 2007
Office area redesigned about 233,000m2 in total <NS Build.>about 18,000m2
No. of workers in the office about 800
Consulting layout planning, master plan support

Gotenyama Reconfiguration Project

When Sony Corporation moved its headquarter to Shin-Shibaura, they also decided to organize and combine the various bases spread around Gotenyama area as "Reconfiguration Project" in order to utilize the existing facility and improve business efficiency.

Universal and Flexible Layout

At Sony NS building which used to be the headquarter (picture 1), we introduced universal layout so that we can improve the use of the space and reduce the cost associated with frequent layout change.

By introducing flexible workstation that can accommodate various departments and business characteristics, we were able to keep the existing 3 desk sizes(S-seating, M-seating and L-seating) without replacing any furniture (drawing 1).

We were also able to minimize the layout change for the allocation of the managerial position seating and meeting space. These are the examples we introduced as experiments for the consideration of new standards (picture 3-5).