Case Studies

Unicharm Corporation

Project period March 2006 - October 2006
Office area redesigned About 5,730m2
No. of workers in the office About 700
Consulting Relocation project management,Record management

Office as a "Symbol Tower" for the global Unicharm Group

Because Unicharm had headquarters functions spread around various locations the company integrated itself into one functional unit and relocated to a new location. This was done to raise employee's awareness of the company goal to "aim for No. 1 global corporation", to enhance their "sense of innovation", and to improve employee motivation, work style, safety and working conditions. FM solution has defined three concepts for the new office: (1) A sense of the value of the individual (employees' satisfaction in their work), (2) Company/organization functionality (improving the company's competitive edge and organizational capacity) and, (3) Social requirements (social responsibility and obligations). fmsolution! has translated these concepts into an SAPS* management type office.

*SAPS management
Everyone participates in "Schedule", "Action", "Performance" and "Spiral" to adapt to the changes required to promote interaction among people and create innovation without being biased by past or successful experience.

"Free address" to change the work style

We have defined "future work style" based on the SAPS management model, which creates knowledge sharing, time-competition and curiosity ― quite different from the conventional work style (professional knowledge, quantity and scale concept, top-down)

Theme to be implemented
(1)Function & Collaboration(for an "organic" and immediate collaborative system)
 ・Layout and IT environment that enhances planning, implementation, review and response.
(2)Concentration & Focus(effective working environment)
 ・Layout and IT environment that is optimized for working styles and working volume.
(3)Borderless & Respect(Recognizing each other's strengths regardless of nationality, department, job title, etc. )
(4)Safety & Tenderness(Safety for society, law, people and user-friendly working environment)
 ・Work place and IT environment where people can learn different ideas intuitively.
 ・Work place and IT environment where people can be proud of the company and their work, and where they can perform at a maximum level using individual strengths.