Case Studies


Project period January 2006 - August 2008
Office area redesigned 14,000m2
No. of workers in the office 1600
Consulting Establishment of work styles and workplace for the relocation of headquarters

From offices scattered in multiple buildings to one headquarters building

The company was established in 1947. As businesses developed, offices for each operational department were separately established in three buildings which became the headquarters, and were far from other offices and in several multi-tenant buildings around Gotanda Station. As styles for transmission of information in the publishing industry are expected to be more varied in the future, they consolidated offices into the new headquarters building located close to Gotanda Station to improve internal and external collaboration and efficiency and convenience

Establishment of the "work style restructuring project"

When planning the new company building, they established a working team for consideration of "office standards", "reduction of documents", "reduction of goods", and "security" in February 2006 and created an office plan for the new headquarters building.

FM Solution assisted in the entire operation of the working team, the work style restructuring project, and in office creation.

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