Case Studies

Fire Department, Onomichi City (and Onomichi Fire Prevention Center)

Project period August 2003 - August 2005
Office area redesigned 4,240m2
No. of workers in the office 80
Consulting Relocation Office operation manual

Open office in the community to provide safe environment for everyday life

Onomichi City came about through the consolidation of three cities and towns. The Onomichi Fire Prevention Center was established for the new city as a key focal point for disaster prevention. Based on the concept of providing citizens with a feeling of security and supporting community awareness related to fire and disaster prevention, the building is open and incorporated within an adjacent park. Surrounded by greenery, the oval building projects a sense of security and friendliness and has become a landmark symbolizing environmental symbiosis.

"Free address" - Innovative concept for a fire station

A fire station is 24-hour operation designed to protect people and prevent disasters. The station features comfortable living quarters and has a special facility for female staff that includes a sleeping area, a locker room and showers. In the operation room, the "free address" concept, an innovative idea for a fire station, was created to enhance close communication between "teams". The disaster prevention center also has an office lobby integrated into a glass-enclosed office. This "open" lobby can function as a local community center that can be used for orientations and seminars to raise fire-prevention awareness. The facility's goal is "A Safe City and Safety for the People." The station will continue to function as a focal point for the community.

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