Case Studies


Project period April 2008 - July 2008
Office area redesigned Around 2,600m2
No. of workers in the office Around 250
Consulting Management of office move project and office design

"A pair of big wings creates our future by diversifying businesses"

Starting in spring 2008, an office move was conducted as a part of a relocation project in the Shiodome City Center Building where the ANA Group is located. In order to improve productivity, they succeeded in consolidating offices to one floor by analyzing the way of working and organizing functions required for offices.
As an airline-affiliated general trading company, they optimized allocation of departments and areas which handle a wide variety of products and services including parts of airplanes, food and sales of goods.

"Creating New Value for Customer Satisfaction"

At the entrance of the new office, showcases are installed around the sofa for waiting visitors to introduce products which are handled by in-flight sales and mail-order trading which contributed to the consolidation of functions in the limited floor space.

FM Solution assisted management of the office move project and office design.

List examples of "retail" business