Case Studies

FamilyMart Co., Ltd

Project period May 2007 - May 2008
Office area redesigned About 6,500m2
No. of workers in the office About 700
Consulting Planning, Project management

The headquarters was relocated. Problems in the current office required a solution.

In May 2007, the FamilyMart headquarters relocation plan was approved and the new office relocation project was begun. The problems in the current office were first analyzed and the following deficiencies were noted: (1) Inefficient communication between two key locations, (2) Insufficient space for business meetings and (3) Small workspaces. FM Solution's goal was to offer solutions and create an office that would enhance the FamilyMart brand and improve employee motivation. The relocation project would consolidate two headquarters operations that had been separated into multi-floors. The relocation project involved some construction and actual moving in phases. The FamilyMart internal project team, the management head office and FM Solution united to execute the project.

Implementing an efficient and active workplace

In the old office, each department had its own standard for furniture and layout. In the new office, these have been unified into a new standard.
A universal office layout cuts down on management costs whenever there are organizational changes. In each segment, a meeting corner and break room were created in each segment to produce better communication. To solve the problem of insufficient meeting space, the scale (size, and number of meeting rooms) was reviewed and a new scheme was implemented.

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