Case Studies

Toshiba Tourist Corporation

Project period August - December, 2007
Office area redesigned About 1,200m2
No. of workers in the office About 90
Consulting Office implementation, Relocation consultation,Relocation project management

Maximizing the relocation opportunity to implement an office
that enhance people's motivation

The Toshiba Tourist Corporation consolidated the Kawasaki Office (in the Toshiba Facility), Domestic Travel Center (1F, Toshiba Building) and some of the operations in the Headquarter's Business Division (15F, Toshiba Building), and relocated the consolidated operations in the new headquarters (in front of the Shinagawa Station).

Maximizing the relocation opportunity, we have defined the optimal work style for the client under the keywords "vibrant and flexible" and developed the concept for the new office. The concept is called "New travel business by 4 minds". Based in this concept we reviewed the current work style, surveyed (questionnaires and interviews for many workers), and extracted the problems and verified them.

"4 minds"

1. Performance
Each of us performs in good faith and pursue professionalism.
2. Speed and diligence
Each of use promptly and diligently work - that is the basis of our services.
3. Communication
Each of us internally and externally communicate for achieving our business goal
4. Assurance and friendliness
Each of use provides our customers with high-quality service, pursuingultimate customer satisfaction

Our goal is to stimulate the internal communication and enhance the motivation of each employee. The movement flow of the people among the operation rooms and workstations has been defined. The multi-purpose room has been layout so that it can be used for break and meeting, enhancing "informal" communication.

The manager work spaces have been partitioned with glass panels for openness and visualization, allowing for easier communication with employees, representing the "transparency" of the business, and they are laid out near the operation area for swift decision making.
The POE evaluation after the relocation also indicates the enhanced motivation among the people and "good" office environment.

Developing the concept "Ba"

The entrance is a lounge (different from the conventional counter) - the "Ba" to welcome the customers. Several private rooms have been implemented to provide the customers with thorough service.

The "Refresh" corner is bright and casual where anyone can drop by anytime. Also, it is located in the middle of the operation room so people interact each other easily for enhanced communication, providing a "Place" to exchange information among employees.

The operation room layout is "open" - there is no partition between divisions, allowing more communication among different divisions for higher collaboration sense. A large table (desk) is highly adaptable for future increase of employees or organizational changes.
The manager's office has glass partitions to eliminate the barrier between them and the employees, allowing more "visible" communication for optimal trusting relationship between the manager and the employees.

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