Case Studies

ANA Power Plant Maintenance Center

Project period September 2007 - March 2008
Office area redesigned 7,748.4m2(Maintenance facility (total):14,757.7m2)
No. of workers in the office 250(Maintenance facility (total): 400)
Consulting Planning, Project management

On a foundation of "Security" and "Reliability", our goal is a prompt and precise operation!

In the fall of 2007, ANA began its office relocation project. This goal was to relocate the maintenance center office while starting construction of the new aircraft engine maintenance and repair facility. The office serves a vital support function for the maintenance center; a facility where engines are not allowed to have even miniscule hairline cracks. Based on our Corporate Philosophy of "Security" and "Reliability", FM Solution supports the relocation project in a prompt and precise manner. FM Solution have thoroughly analyzed the operational flow of ANA and two group companies and implemented an office layout that has optimized the flow of information and people.

Collaboration・Management & Education・Relax! --- Varied work spaces for varied work styles

Each company executes control operations for the various divisions (e.g., production, engineering, quality). In response to a request for a new working style that would enhance work collaboration and stimulate rapid problem solving, there was a need to break down the walls between companies. And so FM Solution has allocated the related divisions from different companies into one area. FM Solution has also implemented a variety of "places" for various purposes - emergency troubleshooting, discussions, training (self-study rooms, interview rooms), amenities (dinning hall, break room) ― providing people with a "Anshin (Reliability), Attaka (Warmth) and Akaruku-Genki (Enthusiastic)" workplace that is stimulating and motivating, but also comforting.

FM Solution surveyed, planned (conceptualized) as well as designed and provided operation management support.

Comments from customers

Thank you for your great support in planning, design, and operation management in the office relocation project during construction of the new maintenance facility. It was a very short six months from planning to purchasing and installing furniture. We appreciate your support in realizing our office concept.

We at ANA are currently operating an airline business based on group operations.

The new maintenance facility was constructed under the basic concept of "Human Oriented Factory", meaning "People first, creativity and harmony between people, facilities and equipment". We wanted an office that was "Anshin (Reliability), Attaka (Warmth) and Akaruku-Genki (Enthusiastic)" through which we ― all of our people ― together provide our customers with security and riliability.

To carry out this concept, we created an integrated shared space that encompasses not only the maintenance facility but includes all related divisions from ANA and its group companies, including offices and amenity facilities. The office layout allows members of the same group of all departments to be close and exchange information with a horizontal flow, crossing groups because the related divisions from other organizations are adjacent to each other, resulting in enhanced teamwork between ANA and its group companies. Other facilities are also shared providing a sense of unity among the groups. Also various techniques to improve operations have been implemented ― realizing the "Human Oriented Factory".

FM Solution supported this project and we are completed satisfied with its planning capability, management skills, execution efficiency, and especially its professional knowledge of furniture. We wish FM Solution further continuous success and are looking forward to working with you again in the future when we may need to review our office to meet the need of new work style changes.

Takeshi Kajiya
General Manager
Power Plant Maintenance Center,

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