Research and analysis

It is important to grasp the whole image of the current situation when you plan a new workplace. We offer various researches and analyses, and make your workplace issues and directions “visible”.

  • Office enviroment Satisfaction Survey

    This survey reveals factors, which  workplace users take as satisfactory and dissatisfactory about their office. Figuring out the current office situation will help orienting your office planning.

  • Office Productivity Survey

    This survey aims at grasping knowledge workers’ productivity quantitatively by carrying out analysis on work styles. The results of this survey can be used as a base of your office concepts.

  • Office Communication Survey

    Through this survey you will understand current situation of communication taken in your office. The results indicate measures to realize a communication friendly office.

  • Workplace Diagnosis

    This survey aims to grip on the level of your office compared to others. We carry out survey on your office using our original check lists.

Research and analysis

*This is an ordinary consulting flow. Our consulting menu differs according to each client’s request.